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Sentini Flopipes is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality PVC pipes and fittings in India 

Sentini PVC pipes and fittings are manufactured at a world-class facility in Andhra Pradesh using the latest technology and highest quality materials ensuring the highest durability and the best performance.

UPVC Pipes
CPVC Pipes

1. Quick & easy to install 


2. UV-Stabilised

3. Can withstand water temperatures up to 93°C 

4. Available from ½″ to 6″

1. Lead-Free

2. UV-Stabilised 


3. High tensile & impact strength 

4. Available from ½″ to 6″

Sentini Flopipes offers premium, sturdy, and lightweight plumbing solutions - CPVC and UPVC pipes and fittings - tailored for hot and cold water usage, respectively. Our products are ISI certified and adhere to ASTM standards. 

UGD Pipes
SWR Pipes

1. Chemical resistant & leakage free

2. High load-bearing capacity

3. Corrosion-free smooth inner surface

4. Available in 4“ to 12”

1. Chemical & UV


2. Leak-proof joints, scale-preventive inner surface

3. Available in Ring-Fit & Solvent-Fit variants

4. Available in 2½ “ to 6” 

Sentini Flopipes offers premium sewerage solutions - UDG and SWR pipes and fittings - engineered for swift and effective waste elimination while preventing weather-related degradation. Our products are ISI-certified. 

Agri Pipes
Column Pipes
Casing Pipes

1. Chemical resistant

2. Leak-proof joints

3. High strength & durability

4. Available from 20mm to 315mm

1. Smooth flow & low friction

2. Lightweight & easy installation

3. Bell & Coupler Available - V4 - 10, 12.5, 15, Medium, Crystal, Standard, Heavy

1. Prevents contamination

2. Collapse resistant for borewells

3. Available as Plain & Plain Screen

4. Available in 100mm to 315mm

Sentini Flopipes offers premium agri and groundwater solutions - AGRI, COLUMN, and CASING pipes and fittings - highly durable, eco-friendly, and easy to transport & install. Our design prioritises simplicity, ensuring swift setup and minimal hassle for users across various environments. 

Conduit Pipes

1. Exceptional flame-retardant properties 

2. Quick & easy installation

3. Grades: Light-duty, Medium-duty, and Heavy-Duty

4. Available in 16mm to 63mm

Sentini Flopipes offers comprehensive electrical solutions - CONDUIT pipes and fittings - meticulously designed with durable materials. Our ISI-certified products safeguard electrical wiring, offer mechanical protection, and ensure resilience against environmental degradation. 

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The Sentini Legacy

Proudly belong to the Sentini Group
celebrating 25+ years of excellence 

"The Sentini Group is born of my passion for creating large-scale employment opportunities for people by producing world-class products for our dynamic Indian markets. 
Sentini Flopipes is a special part of this family and proudly shares the group's commitment to ensuring the highest consumer satisfaction with a top-notch range of pipes and fittings - Made in India for urban and rural India."

T Seshagiri
Seshagiri Rao Tipirneni
Sentini Group Foundations From Archives
Seshagiri Rao Tipirneni Founder-Chairman



Pan-India Partners

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Pipes & Fittings 


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Sentini Flopipes


MT Capacity

per annum  

Our Story

To serve the nation by creating large-scale employment opportunities, Mr Seshagiri Rao Tipirneni exited from a glorious 35-year-career  with public sector undertakings, turned an entrepreneur, and laid the foundation of Sentini Cermica in Chigurukota Village in Andhra Pradesh more than 25 years ago.


This noble endeavour eventually grew into a successful conglomerate group comprising nine fast-growing diversified portfolio of companies.

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Sentini Group



& Vendors

The Popular Choice

for world-class 
PVC pipes and fittings
made in India 

Driven by carefully researched customer insights, we continually innovate and develop our range of pipes and fittings to bring you a wide variety of top-notch pipes and fittings manufactured at our industrial facility in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

Residential Construction

& Agri-business

& Municipal   

The Power-Packed Range

of high-quality PVC solutions approved and certified
only by the best  

Passionate about providing only the best, we apply stringent quality standards right from the procurement of raw materials to the last stage of production to bring you the highest quality of pipes and fittings. Our products are certified by the ISI and the BIS. We conform and adhere to the highest global standards such as the ASTM. 

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